Kidney-Friendly Hanukkah Tips

Author : Strive Health

The Strive Health registered dieticians put together some nutrition tips to help you enjoy Hanukkah meals in a kidney-friendly way.

  • When making latkes, or another form of potato dish, double boil potatoes to lower the amount of potassium. Have smaller portions of these foods if you have a history of high potassium. 
  • Zucchini can be grated with potatoes to make latkes.  (See our Lower Potassium Latkes recipe.)

  • When preparing foods with oil, use olive or grapeseed oil. Limit coconut or palm oil due to the high saturated fat content. Rest fried foods on a paper towel so it can absorb excess fat and calories. 
  • Make soup with low-sodium broth. This will help to limit the amount of salt.  
  • Make soups ahead of time and refrigerate. This will allow you to skim off the fat on top.  
  • Choose unsweetened applesauce! This can save you up to 50 calories per serving.  
  • A serving of smoked fish contains almost half of your daily allowance for sodium. Keep portions small or choose roasted chicken. 

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