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Strive Health helps you manage your kidney disease. With complete support, 24/7 access to kidney care experts, and customized educational resources, we’ll be right by your side during your entire journey.

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Complete Care for Kidney Patients

Why Strive Health

You already have a primary care doctor and a nephrologist (kidney doctor) to manage your kidney care. So why do you need Strive?

The answer is simple: Strive Health works with your doctors to keep you and your kidneys healthy.

Strive Care Partners

We’re care connectors

Strive Health works with your kidney specialist, primary care doctor and insurance plan to help make it easier for you to focus on your health.

We’re never far away

Our Kidney Heroes™ visit with you, either in person or by phone, to give emotional support, answer questions, make medical assessments, prescribe or refill medications and help with anything else you might need.

Population Health

We focus on keeping you healthy

Through our ongoing support, we help you avoid hospital stays and ER visits, delay dialysis and transplants, and manage conditions like diabetes and heart disease that affect your kidneys.

Meet Strive Health Patient, Vicky

Curious about what Strive Health does? Hear from one of the patients we support and learn about her story.

I believe that a high touch care model has benefitted Vicky because she has learned that Strive is there for her. We’re all there for her, as a team.

Gina Green Nurse Practitioner, Strive Health
Meet Strive Health Patient, Vicky  

Innovative Care for Chronic Kidney Disease

Strive’s Kidney Heroes™ support you how and when you want. We give you the tools and information you need to learn about your disease. We also help you determine the best treatment options (such as transplant and in-home dialysis) to improve your quality of life and help your kidneys function longer.

Coordinate with Providers

Personalized Support

You’ll get guidance and support from our expert team, including a nurse practitioner, medical director, care coordinator, dietitian, pharmacist, licensed clinical social worker and care manager.

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Experienced Care Team

Advanced Technology

Our team is supported by our tech-enabled program. Together, this ensures you get the right care at the right time so you can avoid emergencies.

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Comprehensive Education

Comprehensive Information

In-depth educational information is tailored to you, to help you better understand the disease process and knowledgeably manage your condition.

Patient Resources

The Care You Need When You Need It

We focus on keeping you healthy at home instead of in a hospital or care facility. Strive partners with your doctors to build a care plan designed to slow your disease and prevent complications. 

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  • 786K Americans with ESKD37MAmericans with chronic kidney disease
  • 33% American adults at risk for chronic kidney disease33%American adults at risk for chronic kidney disease
  • 90% Americans with early-stage kidney disease who don’t know it90%Americans with early-stage kidney disease who don’t know it
The Care You Need When You Need It
The Care You Need When You Need It

Understanding Kidney Disease

You need reliable information to manage chronic kidney disease. Strive empowers you to better manage your condition with customized and current resources you can trust.

The Kidney Heroes™ Care Team
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No matter where you are in your journey, Strive is here for you. Let us help you navigate kidney disease so you can enjoy better health. Contact us to learn more.

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