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Providing a new standard of kidney care with our partners through leveraging our CareMultiplier™ technology and Kidney Heroes® care team. 

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Kidney Patients Deserve Better

In an increasingly fragmented healthcare system, early intervention and preventative care are key to managing and slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The historic standard of kidney care has focused treatment after a patient’s kidneys failed – Our loved ones deserve better. 

Strive Population Health provides kidney care services and resources that re-center care around the patient with a care model that incentivizes our patient’s health, not their kidneys failing. 

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  • Medicare dollars spent on dialysis in 201937 millionUS adults estimated to have kidney disease.
  • Improved Patient Experience9 in 10Adults with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) who don’t know they have it.
  • Coordinate with Providers33%Percentage of adults with diabetes that may also have kidney disease

A New Approach to Kidney Care

At Strive Health, we use data and insights to allow clinicians and partners an opportunity to be proactive in treating kidney disease. This results in more upstream interventions that can prevent or delay disease progression.

Medicare dollars spent on dialysis in 2019

Early Detection and Intervention

Risk scores for dialysis crashes, readmissions and high utilization are just some of the insights used in care plan creation.

Patient Education and Transplant Services

Lower Total Cost of Care

Deep renal-specific patient insight, care coordination across providers, NP-led care teams, and a holistic approach to care can facilitate lower total cost-of-care for kidney disease.

Better Care Coordination

Strive’s care team, the Kidney Heroes®, coordinate with a patient’s PCP and specialists while acting as an extension of the patient’s nephrologist, who drives overall patient care.

Improved Patient Experience

Informed Patients

Strive meets patients where they are in their care journey and provides deep and detailed information to help each patient make informed decisions about their care.

Kidney Care Platform

Strive is the nation’s leader in value-based kidney care. This is partly accomplished through our CareMultiplier™ technology, which is seamlessly integrated with our Kidney Heroes®, NP-led care model. 

CareMultiplier™ Platform


A kidney disease-specific technology that helps clinicians create individualized care plans.

CareMultiplier™ Platform

The Kidney Heroes® Care Model

Multi-specialty, NP-led care teams that act as care extenders to our provider partners.

The Kidney Heroes®
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