Strive Health’s CareMultiplier™ Technology Platform Is Purpose-Built to Reinvent Kidney Care

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Strive Health is and will always be focused on high-touch, comprehensive patient care. Under the hood, Strive is also one of the most innovative health-tech companies on the planet. Our objective is clear: Build world-class technology to enable clinicians to achieve Strive’s mission to deliver compassionate kidney care the way it should be done.

Strive has invested millions of dollars to build an in-house platform that embraces some of the most modern engineering practices, technologies and cutting-edge predictive analytics — all while maintaining relentless focus on patient safety and data security.

Unlike many tech companies, we’re not here to disrupt; we’re here to methodically reinvent kidney care. We’re not here to replace clinicians; we’re here to empower them (especially our own Kidney HeroesTM) and the incredible relationships they build with patients. Ultimately, we’re here to dramatically multiply their effectiveness, and that’s why we call Strive Health’s platform the CareMultiplierTM.

Our physicians and Kidney HeroesTM have spent decades becoming healers and providers, but as much as 50% of their time can be spent on administrative tasks and not directly interacting with patients. The CareMultiplier™ platform, powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms, makes sense of massive amounts of data, cuts through the noise, and allows clinicians to focus on only doing what only they can do: high-touch patient care. The results are drastic reductions in unplanned dialysis starts or “crashes” and hospitalizations, higher adoption of home dialysis and slowed disease progression.

This is because our highly-scalable and easily deployable platform embodies the mantra of our Chief Technology Officer and healthcare data integration expert, Masoud Nourmohammadi: The right insights, in the right hands, at the right time.

The Right Insights

Strive’s CareMultiplierTM aggregates and standardizes data from hundreds of sources, enabling a holistic patient view and world-class predictive analytics that are specific to each market and partner, and guiding Kidney HeroesTM on which patients to focus on when, with what intervention.

By training our machine learning models on over 100 million patient records, we deliver actionable insights like risk scores, end-stage kidney disease crash predictions, admission and readmission predictions, disease progression predictions, and even cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms that identify patients whose kidney disease is undiagnosed. It then advises Kidney Heroes™ on the best next actions to take on each individual to improve health outcomes.

Our machine learning models are operating at industry-leading performance levels and getting “smarter” daily as our volume of data grows.

The Right Hands

Our technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with our proprietary care management workflow suite and EMR. This ensures that our Kidney HeroesTM, physicians and partners always have the latest insights for any given patient, empowering them to make the best possible care decisions.

In addition to individual patient records, Strive’s in-house analytics dashboards provide insights at the population health level and show our clinicians and partners clear metrics on how our interventions improve both clinical and financial outcomes.

The Right Time

Strive’s CareMultiplierTM was purpose built from scratch, so there’s no technical debt or outdated legacy applications to slow us down. In many cases our platform can be deployed in a new market in a matter of weeks (not months or years like typical healthcare technology). Once live, all patient records and machine learning models update in real time to provide the most accurate and timely data to care teams.

In the most urgent cases, the platform securely alerts our Kidney HeroesTM 24-hours a day when interventions are needed. And we’re proud to say that just weeks after launching this new feature, it was already producing evidence-based stories of avoided hospitalizations and even life-saving interventions.

So How Are We Doing?

In April 2020, Strive Health launched the CareMultiplierTM in partnership with SSM Health in the greater St. Louis area. We certainly weren’t planning on a global pandemic, but the flexibility of our platform allowed us to easily pivot into a telehealth-first practice.

Once restrictions were lifted and it was safe, clinicians started to make more in-person visits at patients’ homes. Strive’s high-touch care model emphasizes home care for many patients so our Kidney HeroesTM can get a sense of a patient’s lifestyle, home environment and many other micro details that would be difficult to observe in a brick-and-mortar setting or over a phone or video call.

To date, we have implemented the technology in over a dozen markets including a robust CKCC program and in partnership with primary care providers, independent nephrology groups, payors and additional health systems. And, most importantly, we are already seeing the platform drive significant financial cost savings for our partners and measurable improvements in patient outcomes. Strive has increased optimal starts by 67%1, reduced hospitalizations among the highest-risk patients by 49%2 and reduced 30-day hospital readmissions by 36%3.

(1) Compares the rate of optimal starts for patients enrolled in the Strive program to that of unenrolled patients across all active Strive markets. Optimal starts is defined as a planned start of renal replacement therapy by receiving a preemptive kidney transplant, initiating home dialysis or initiating in-center hemodialysis via AVF or AVG.
(2) Compares the all-cause hospitalization rate for Complex patients who are engaged in the Strive program to a historical benchmark. “Complex” is the highest-risk tier in Strive’s composite risk scoring model, which uses factors such as the Charlson Comorbidity Index, CDC Social Vulnerability Index and prior hospital visits.
(3) Compares the 30-day hospital readmission rate for patients enrolled in a Strive health system ACO program to a three-year historical benchmark.

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