SSM Health Kidney Care begins serving patients in the St. Louis community

Author : Strive Health

ST. LOUIS (April 1, 2020) – SSM Health Kidney Care, a joint venture between Strive Health and SSM Health, launched operations on April 1st to transform kidney disease care for patients in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The program will deliver comprehensive clinical services for chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease patients that significantly improve quality of care and outcomes while lowering total cost of care for patients.

“Unfortunately, the majority of kidney disease patients receive minimal preventive care and disease education prior to dialysis,” said Dr. Shika Pappoe, Strive Health’s Chief Medical Officer. “Our program focuses on specialized education, care management, and high-touch disease management throughout the kidney care journey, ultimately helping patients holistically manage their health, improve their healthcare experience, and optimize outcomes.” SSM Health Kidney Care identifies patients early and engages them in a comprehensive care plan that starts at chronic kidney disease and spans through the transition to ESRD and renal replacement therapy.

“We’re focused on working with leading healthcare organizations to provide exceptional, comprehensive care to CKD and ESRD patients,” said Chris Riopelle Strive Health CEO. “We’re thrilled to launch in partnership with SSM Health to change lives in St. Louis and surrounding communities.”

SSM Health Kidney Care’s value-based care model surrounds patients with a team of kidney care specialists including nurse practitioners, registered nurse care managers, dietitians, and social workers to deliver high-touch clinical care and education to patients with CKD and ESRD. SSM Health Kidney Care’s clinical team works closely with primary care physicians and nephrologists to provide an additional level of hands-on support and a seamless experience for patients. SSM Health Kidney Care will leverage Strive Health’s proprietary technology platform to identify under/un-diagnosed kidney disease patients, predict acute events, and alert the care team at the right time to intervene. Care will be provided primarily in direct patient care clinics, via telehealth, and in patient homes and will focus on disease management, medication management, psychosocial support, and diet and nutrition. SSM Health Kidney Care will also work to ensure that patients are fully educated on their disease and their treatment options as they approach ESRD including transplant, home dialysis, and conservative care.

Although SSM Health Kidney Care will operate out of two clinics in the St. Louis area, the program has initially launched virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Patients will have access to a dedicated care team helping them navigating the rapidly changing health system and better manage co-morbid conditions from the comfort of their own home.

“While current events don’t allow us to provide in person care, we are committed to delivering a high-touch experience for patients in our telehealth-enabled, virtual model. CKD and ESRD patients manage 15-20 medications daily, they have multiple co-morbid conditions and the national or local health system policies and procedures are changing daily. Our program will support these vulnerable patients in navigating this overwhelming time period.” Sandy Ryan, Chief Kidney Hero Officer, Strive Health.

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