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Jose Contreras, an information technology engineer at Strive, was destined to pursue a career in IT. Now he’s driven to find new ways to use emerging technology to make a difference for the 100,000 patients that Strive serves. Hear how Jose got into IT and why he embodies what it means to be a Striver.  

How did you decide to get into IT? 

I was naturally drawn to the world of IT. My early experiences with a computer allowed me to explore and tinker with systems firsthand. Also, a close friend’s adeptness with technology was a source of inspiration, akin to witnessing a superhero at work. It was always an avenue I was destined to pursue. 

How long have you been at Strive? 

I joined Strive at the beginning of 2023.   

What are your main responsibilities at Strive? 

As an IT engineer, my role is multifaceted and continuously evolving. I craft knowledgebase articles to guide our teams, manage workflows within our IT service management ticketing system and assist our clinical staff with IT-related matters. Additionally, I pioneer and refine tested processes, collaborate with various departments, play a key role in new-hire orientations, employ and develop scripts to aid in tasks and assist in bringing critical projects to fruition for our department. 

What’s the best part about your job? 

Knowing I actively contribute to positive outcomes for our partners and patients is the best part. Every week, I eagerly engage in new projects that push our department’s objectives further. 

What’s the most challenging aspect of your work? 

Balancing multiple high-priority tasks is a regular challenge, but effective time management and prioritization at the start of each day prove invaluable. Confronting these challenges sometimes feels overwhelming, but the solutions I produce offer immense professional gratification. 

Technology is rapidly changing. What will your job look like in five years? 

I anticipate my role to integrate more advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, especially as major software firms incorporate AI into their tools. With the rise of contextual security-focused disciplines, I envision them becoming indispensable in my position. What’s more, the ease of automation will be transformative. Tasks that take hours to complete can now be done in moments, hinting at an even more streamlined future. 

What does it mean to be a Striver? 

Being a Striver signifies a commitment to the well-being of our patients. The immeasurable value of life is our foremost priority. Embodying Strive’s core values — Care, Excellence, Fun, Tenacity and Innovation — ensures success as we collectively #StriveOn. 

Why do you Strive? 

Every stride I take at Strive is driven by the profound realization that my contributions directly impact and help save patients’ lives.  

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