Transforming Kidney Care Together

The current standard of kidney disease care falls short for most patients, but it doesn’t have to. Change everything by changing one thing. Partner with us.
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Transforming Kidney Care Together

The current standard of kidney disease care falls short for most patients, but it doesn’t have to. Change everything by changing one thing. Partner with us.
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Our Mission

Strive Health sets the standard for the rest of healthcare in how revolutionary change can be done. We are starting over because we must. We deliver compassionate kidney care the way it should be done.

Kidney disease patients deserve better care

The current standard of kidney care is too little, too late. Today, kidney care focuses almost entirely on ESRD and in-center dialysis, missing the primary driver of high cost and poor patient outcomes. Strive is changing the kidney care paradigm to identify patients earlier, prioritize the right care at the right time, and drive better outcomes all while lowering costs. We are a full-service solution for your kidney disease patients.

In the current model of kidney disease care, only 10% of patients seek medical attention while they are in CKD stage 1, 2, or 3. The rest of the kidney disease population doesn’t seek care until they are in CKD stage 4 or after they transition to ESRD. Early detection increases the quality of life for patients and decreases the cost of care. Patients who don’t seek care until ESRD often experience multiple traumatic and costly hospitalizations and shorter life expectancy. With just a few months of foresight, by seeking and receiving care ahead of ESRD, patients can avoid costly hospitalizations and have a longer and higher quality life expectancy. With this obvious and attainable goal ahead of us, we set out to make comprehensive kidney care a reality.

Innovative kidney care

The Strive care model is built around the Kidney Hero™ team, empowered by groundbreaking technology, and delivered where and when needed.

Our specialized clinical team serves as an extension of practice to nephrologists and PCPs. The team is led by NPs (Kidney Heroes™), and includes RN case managers, social workers, dieticians, pharmacists, and care coordinators.

Purpose-built predictive analytics technology identifies and risk stratifies patients, feeding data into our care management platform to drive seamless, coordinated care.

Streamlined care delivery is based out of Strive Care Centers and extends into the community to meet patients where they are, be it in their home, at a SNF, or through telehealth. Strive Care Centers serve as home base for the care team, providing home dialysis training, education, and CKD care management.

Become a Strive partner

Strive Partners with Nephrologists, Health Care Providers, and Healthcare Payors to deliver clinically integrated kidney care that can lead to better patients outcomes. To learn more, drop us a line. Here’s what can happen next:

Strive works with you to understand your patient population’s unique challenges and to map your local market dynamics. From there, we will create an opportunity assessment report that highlights how Strive can work with you to launch comprehensive kidney care services designed for value-based care. We implement a solution that is fully tailored to your patient population and market needs. We take on financial risk, we manage your patients, and finally, we generate shared value.

Together we can provide cost-effective, high-quality and streamlined care to the 37M+ suffering from CKD or ESRD. Join us!

Core Values

At Strive Health, we care for others first. Our values drive us forward–as a company, as a team, and as individuals.


Innovation – We are able to provide superior patient outcomes through constant innovation. In an industry with a lot of change–in policies, in care options, and more–we lead the way.


Resilience – Change happens. We overcome obstacles and welcome change together.


Tenacity – The kidney care industry is complicated. We spend (a lot of) time to understand the complicated so we can improve it and make it easy to understand for everyone else.


Fun – We celebrate our successes as a team.