Social Determinants of Health and Kidney Disease: Driving Value for Patients and Payors

Author : Sarah Katz, National VP, Payor Partnerships

There is a well-established link between social determinants of health and kidney disease. With decades of research confirming a correlation between social determinants of health (SDoH) and kidney disease, the need to address SDoH as part of a value-based kidney care strategy is well recognized. Individuals living below the federal poverty level have a significantly greater probability of having chronic kidney disease and a 50% higher risk of progressing to end-stage kidney disease.

As value-based care organizations turn their attention to addressing SDoH, many are looking for guidance on which interventions improve outcomes at scale. Despite substantial research demonstrating a correlation between specific socioeconomic factors and kidney disease (poverty, food insecurity, housing insecurity), there are few empirical studies on which interventions targeting a given factor are impactful.

Payors and risk-bearing providers are at the forefront of determining what works and are rapidly iterating to focus on high-impact interventions.

Read more in our white paper.

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